Exploring Mount Prospect | Weighing the Pros and Cons of Life in This Charming Town

Have you been looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city? Are you considering a more suburban lifestyle with bigger lots and excellent education for your children? Look no further than Mount Prospect, Illinois, a charming village just northwest of Chicago. In this blog, we'll explore the pros and cons of living in Mount Prospect, providing valuable information for those contemplating a move to this welcoming community.

Pros of Living in Mount Prospect

1. Location and Accessibility

Mount Prospect's prime location just 22 miles northwest of downtown Chicago offers residents the best of both worlds—easy access to urban amenities and the comfort of suburban living. The village is conveniently connected to the city through the I-90 highway and the Metra line, making commuting a breeze.

2. Community Spirit

Mount Prospect fosters a strong sense of community, evident in the numerous events and activities held throughout the year. These gatherings provide opportunities for neighbors to come together, creating a tight-knit and supportive community atmosphere.

3. Randhurst Mall

One standout attraction in Mount Prospect is the Randhurst Mall, a premier shopping destination offering a diverse range of stores, dining options, and entertainment. Whether you're looking for a new wardrobe or a fun night out with friends, Randhurst Mall has everything you need.

4. Exceptional Schools

For parents, one of the significant draws to Mount Prospect is its exceptional schools. Mount Prospect School District 57, with around 2,250 students, boasts top-notch education, with a rating of 10 according to neighborhoodscout.com. Prospect High School, rated A+ and 29th best in Illinois by Nieche.com, ensures a nurturing environment and academic excellence.

5. Safety First

Safety is a top priority in Mount Prospect. With low crime rates, the town provides a secure environment for families. According to neighborhoodscout.com, Mount Prospect is safer than 66% of U.S. neighborhoods, with a crime rate of 6.82 per 1000 residents.

6. Thriving Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Mount Prospect is thriving, offering a diverse range of housing options. Last year, 350 homes were sold, with an average price of $438,000. While the market is robust, it's essential to note that some downtown properties developed post-war may have smaller imprints, such as brick ranches or Georgian style homes.

7. Transportation Infrastructure

Getting around Mount Prospect is convenient, thanks to its excellent transportation infrastructure. Main roads like Elmhurst Rd and Route 14 Northwest Highway, along with proximity to I-90, Palatine Rd, Route 53, and I-294, ensure easy commuting and exploration of nearby attractions.

Cons of Living in Mount Prospect

While Mount Prospect offers a plethora of advantages, it's essential to consider potential drawbacks as well.

1. Limited Housing Options in Downtown

One notable con is that if you're looking for a property in downtown Mount Prospect, most homes were developed post-war, offering smaller imprints. These properties, often brick ranches or Georgian-style homes, may not provide as much closet space as some homebuyers desire.

2. Limited Direct Access to Highways

While Mount Prospect boasts excellent transportation infrastructure, some residents may find that direct access to major highways, such as I-90 and I-294, is more readily available in adjacent neighborhoods. Unlike neighboring communities situated right on these expressways, downtown Mount Prospect is slightly farther away from the highway ramps. This can result in a slightly longer commute time for those who heavily rely on these express routes for daily travel, especially during peak hours. While the town's central location makes it convenient for various routes, some residents might prefer more immediate access to major highways for quicker travel to and from the village.


In conclusion, Mount Prospect, Illinois, emerges as an attractive destination for those seeking a balance between suburban tranquility and urban accessibility. With excellent schools, a sense of community, low crime rates, and a thriving real estate market, Mount Prospect has much to offer. As you weigh your options for a move, keep in mind the unique charm and amenities this village provides. Whether you're moving in 9 days or 90 days, Mount Prospect might just be the perfect place to call home. Subscribe to our channel for more insights into Chicago's suburban communities, and if you're considering a move, connect with us for personalized assistance. Thank you for spending time with us today, and we look forward to helping you make informed decisions about your future home in Mount Prospect.

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